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Red Cross Legal Services for Asylum Seekers

Will the Red Cross provide me with a Legal Representative to follow my case through?

Yes. The Red Cross provides all asylum seekers with a legal representative. That is a lawyer who assists individuals in applying for asylum and goes through the process with the asylum seeker.

Where can I go to receive Legal Advise?

To enquire general information regarding your asylum case, you can speak with a Red Cross Legal Representative at

During our Legal Assistance Service, you will have the opportunity to talk with one of our lawyers regarding:

How can I make an appointment with my Red Cross Legal Representative?

To request an appointment with your lawyer, you can speak with one of our staff during Red Cross Interview Hours, which are at:

You can also come to Efstaleiti 9, the Icelandic Red Cross Headquarters, between 9am and 4pm, and ask at the reception. You must leave a phone number or any contact information. Your legal representative will then contact you to let you know of date and time of your appointment.