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How can I communicate with the doctor? Do I have translation?

Translation is a challenge. Greek doctors normally speak English, but it may be difficult to get translation in other languages during appointments.
The Red Cross offers some help. We have an accompaniment service (you can see information below).
You also call our Hotline (+30 210 5140 440) and ask for support.
Information about the Red Cross accompaniment services
The service will soon be available in Thessaloniki, please check back for more information.
In Athens, Red Cross offers a team of 14 interpreters (available languages: Arabic, Farsi, Kurmanji, Turkish (Turkey), Urdu, English and Pashto) for accompanying people and facilitating access to other  services in the urban area of Athens. All our interpreters are trained in:
  • Cultural mediation and interpretation skills
  • Greek public health system
  • Health terminology
  • Infectious diseases
  • Stress management
The Accompaniment Service can be offered either face-to-face or on-call. 

How to request an accompanying interpreter?

(Take note: for emergencies, contact this phone number: +30 694 834 7972)

For general appointments

  1. Go to an organisation and book an appointment (to see how to do so click here)
  2. To request an interpreter for appointments that  you have previously scheduled, or as you are scheduling it, follow this procedure:

Go to the link:

Use these credentials:

Username: ExternalUser

Password: EU$er1

Once the accompaniment referral is requested, come back after 48 hours to check that the accompaniment is confirmed. To do so you can follow this process:

  • Insert the credentials we have shared with you by mail. (The one you´ve shared with us in your request)
  • Insert in the bar your email (the one you´ve sent with your requests).
  • Filter the date you want to check. For example: start date 19/01/2018 and end date 20/01/2018 in order to see the confirmations for 19/01/2018. Always adding one day in advance.
  • For the follow up on your patient please call the interpreter (you can see the telephone number in the confirmation list)

For further support or inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us in our office number: +30 694 834 79 72