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Healthcare in Italy

If you are a non-European Union citizen with a regular residence permit, you are obliged to register with the Italian national health service. By registering, you have the same rights and duties of assistance recognized to Italian citizens. Assistance is also guaranteed to your dependent family members who are regularly in Italy. You need a residence permit, tax code, and certificate of residence for the registration.
In case you do not have a regular residence permit, you are still guaranteed all urgent outpatient and hospital care. If you need treatment, you can access Italian healthcare facilities, regardless of your legal status.

Access to health facilities does not involve reporting to the police authorities, except in cases of mandatory reporting for the protection of other citizens.

If you need medical care, contact the Italian Red Cross branch closest to you or call the toll-free number of CRI for people: 800.065510, active h.24. It will direct you to the health facility in your area.