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Access to psychological support

If I need psychological support and treatment, where can I ask for help?

If you need to see a psychologist or you have been receiving psychological treatment and medication before coming to Iceland, you must inform the Directorate of Immigration as soon as possible. They should request an appointment for you.

If you are under the protection of the Social Services either in Reykjavík, Hafnarfjörður or Reykjanesbær you must ask them to request an appointment for you.

If after requesting the service from either the Directorate of Immigration or Social Services you still have not been able to receive appropriate psychological assistance, please come to our Open Interview Hours and talk with our staff. They should be able to offer relevant information or to send an enquiry on your behalf to the relevant office.

The Red Cross Open Interview Hours are:

Wednesdays from 12 pm to 3 pm in Árskógar 4 (Community Centre)

Thursdays from 12 to 3 pm in Smiðjuvellir 8 (Red Cross Reykjanesbær)

Please be advised that the waiting period for an appointment with a psychologist in Iceland can be several weeks.