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What are the 3 modes of legal employment?

  1. Through POEA licensed recruitment agencies
    • Land based agencies-any person (natural or judicial licensed by POEA to recruit workers for all land-based jobs for and in behalf of its foreign principal.
    • Manning agencies- any person licensed by the POEA to recruit seafarers to man/board vessel plying international sea lanes and other related maritime activities.
    • This licensed employment agencies ensure that only Filipino workers are qualified and medically fit are deployed


  1. Government to government placement/ hiring facility
    • The government of the Philippines, through bilateral agreements with the governments of the other countries may facilitate the hiring of the Filipino workers though the government placement agency which is the POEA


  1. Name hiring
    • refers to a situation where a worker hired by employers for overseas employment as authorized by the Secretary of Labor and Employment and processed by POEA, including: those hired by international organizations, those hired by members of the diplomatic corps, and name hires or workers who are able to secure overseas employment with employers without the assistance or participation of any agency.

The employment contracts