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How does the Greek health system work and how do you access it?

Emergency situations

In case of emergency everyone can access public hospitals. There is no need for ID, permits, AMKA cards or any other identification document.


Non emergency situation

For non-emergency treatment you need to book an appointment. You cannot go to a specialist doctor without an appointment.


The process to book an appointment is the same for Greek people and people from other countries. The process is the following:

  1. Go to an organisation that can help you with interpretation services as the public health system doesn’t support translation.
  2. Ask them to call the phone number: 1535
  3. You will have a date for an appointment with a specialist doctor.

Please note that the public health system in Greece is currently overloaded. As a result it may take a long time to see a specialist doctor. There is nothing organisations can do to make your appointment earlier, unless it is a very grave health problem which needs immediate cure – this means it is endangering your life.